Thursday, June 30, 2011

Packing. Oh, the misery!

After years of moving to and from college, you think I would be a professional packer by now.  If you count all the times moving from my parents’ house to college and apartment to apartment, I’ve moved all of my junk a total of seven times. Seven!?! Gah, that was more than I thought. And after seven times, you would think I know what I’m doing.  But nope, I’m most definitely do not.  I’m not good at organizing all of my random things before packing, even though it makes it so much easier to unpack later on. I’m not good at deciding which my things make the cut into the keep pile and what ends up in the donation and garbage piles. At least I’m not alone in my detestation of packing. Put your hand up if you like packing… Yeah, didn’t think so.
Life on the road is going to be fun, though I’m dreading packing up my things.  Not because of the physical labor of organizing and packing in my 95 degree, no-room-to-walk-around apartment, but more so because of the fact I will be leaving many of my favorite things behind me for a year.  Now, I don’t think of myself as materialistic, most of the time—oops, but I’m going to miss my things while being on the road! My queen-sized bed, down comforter, and down alternative pillows. The teal vacuum cleaner I was so excited to purchase last summer (Yeah, ‘excited,’ that’s right. Don’t judge.)  My complete series of the Golden Girls I can just pop into the DVD player any time I’m in need of a boost. Oh, and I can’t forget my cockatiel, Lemon. Maybe it's not the materials I'm predicting to long while traveling, but more the sense of a permanent residence.
Moving is not only a pain in the butt, it’s also stressful. Moving vans and trailers and car tows and companies and mileage and gas and helping hands and boxes and storage, yikes! But it’s all a growing experience and much will be learned throughout this whole thing. I just can’t wait for the packing and moving portion of this to be over.  Maybe I can never pack again and just live in a van down by the river.

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  1. Being organized is most important when moving out. Anyway, I really have to agree with you. Moving from one place to another is really stressful. I do remember the time when my family and I decided to move to another hometown. We do have lots of stuff and it really won't fit in inside our car. It's a good thing there's a U-Haul truck service that we can afford to hire, taking some of the burden of our shoulders.
    - Elias Madden