Saturday, July 16, 2011

This Week in Rewind

What a crazy week! And a while since my last entry. So here is an entry the length of 8 posts. But regardless, here is a little glimpse of what happened:
Monday: My last day in the office resulted in a clean desk (finally)! Too bad I wasn’t there to enjoy it! I’m pretty sure by the end of the day my body wasn’t able to produce one more tear. Saying goodbye—er, I mean “see you later”—to the people, the campus, my office, the parking lot, my non-existent window in my office, the characteristic smell of the building, the long traffic light at the crazy intersection, my key to the building, and every other little detail I have always overlooked was pretty rough.  Penn State Behrend has been such a large part of my life since I began my freshman year in 2006. So five years… that’s half a decade! It was hard to leave it and everyone behind, but knowing our paths would cross again in the future made it easier.
Tuesday:  Packing. Packing. And more packing. Blah. The one nice thing about packing was that I was able to pack the classy luggage set my fabulously amazing former co-workers got for me as a farewell gift.  To break up the day and to see as many people as possible in my final days in town, I had lunch with Lindsey, a friend and mentor, at Erie’s famous Sara’s. As of 9 p.m., I still had some packing to do and but had some plans to see a long-lost friend.  Going out to the Brewerie probably wasn’t the most logical decision, but I did and it was so incredibly worth it.  I ended up able to have my cake and eat it too!
Wednesday: The day of loading.  My friend and former roommate, Mike, came over to help me retrieve the U-haul and to help load it up.  When we returned to the apartment, Taylor and Kristi were there to help load too.  I am so thankful for Taylor and Mike, because if not for them, I would definitely not be moving without recruiting random strangers from the bar across the street. With a little handyman work (like knocking some plaster out of the ceiling), they were able to maneuver my queen bed, loveseat, and other bulky furniture through the narrow staircase.  Contrary to popular belief, this apartment wasn’t built with high quality in mind. And it sure as heck wasn’t built with consideration for those moving in and out. I’m so thankful for all of their help; I owe them so much!  After packing up and cleaning the apartment, Kristi and I took my last trip to the Millcreek Mall. Saying goodbye to Kristi was especially hard because we had so many plans to make the most out of Erie, PA this summer since she was in England last summer.  For dinner, some friends/former co-workers, Kristen and Sue, got takeout from a local Italian restaurant and we had some delicious wine and Penn State Creamery ice cream later on. Yum! What a great last night in Erie. Thank you, Kristen, for letting me stay over!  It was a great last day in Erie J
Thursday: The day of the roadtrip.  I drove the Uhaul and pulled my car behind me on a trailer.  I have so much to say about this, so stay tuned for its own entry. 
Next up is Indianapolis tomorrow (well, today)!  I’m very excited to meet my new co-workers, to visit Indy for the first time ever, and to begin this journey. Oh, and to see how close I am to the 50-pound checked luggage limit.

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  1. Miss you! Glad we were able to squeeze some quality time in before you left!