Saturday, July 16, 2011

The U-Haul Experience

As mentioned in a previous post, I drove the Uhaul truck with my car on a trailer behind it on Thursday.  I just have a few thoughts about that experience. 

1.       Once you’ve packed, moving really doesn’t take as long as you think it would.  This move could have definitely been completed in one day.  It took only a few hours to load it up and about 15 minutes to unload it all.  But in the words of Alanis: you live, you learn.

2.       Essentially anyone can get a Uhaul truck. Anyone!  And any of those people can drive it—or at least attempt to. I’m not saying I was a perfect driver; there were definitely times when I strayed from between the yellow and white lines, but there are people with whom I don’t even feel safe riding in their little four-door sedans. Heck no would I ever want them driving a truck and trailer down the road!! Eeek! So, point of the story:  when you’re passing a Uhaul on the road, just keep in mind it could be your 20-something neighbor who has never driven anything larger than a Cavalier.  Consider yourself warned.

3.       The Uhaul folks on Pittsburgh Ave in Erie were so nice and so helpful!  They hooked my car up on the trailer and showed me where all the chains were attached to my car so I didn’t rip my axels off when getting my car off the trailer.  They were also really helpful about letting me upgrade the truck on pickup day when I had the realization that all my stuff wouldn’t fit in the smallest truck which I had reserved.

4.       If you inquire about a truck rental at one Uhaul location, it is not a guarantee that is the pickup location.  Since not all locations have all equipment available, you may have to travel to another Uhaul in the area to pick up your truck. Just something new I learned and something to factor in when budgeting for gas.

5.       If you’re new to driving a moving truck, it’s okay to engage in some road rage.  It’s a stressful thing driving a huge vehicle, and if you need to vent a little—or a lot—about the jagoff who cut you off on I-79 near Wexford, go for it.  That may or may not have been a real experience.

6.       Friends make things better. If you ever move, I hope your friends are as great as mine are. And if you have a friend who is moving and needs help, just know that if you are helping, he will never forget it and a few hours of your time will mean more to him than you could ever imagine. J

Once you get to your destination, it's okay to feel proud to have arrived without running anyone off the road.  You just drove that UHaul like a boss; now it's time to celebrate.

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